Currency like PoE Orbs? Bitcoin UP

Bitus like PoE

The next day the price of virtual currency growth – Just like PoE Orbs are the currency in the Path of Exile – so Bitcoins are virtual currency. The difference is that Bitcoins can not be made more, and PoE Orbs can be created all the time. In addition, PoE Orbs are not accepted by states such as Japan or Australia. In many places in the world you can pay in virtual currency, but few places can do it with PoE Orbs, maybe thanks to the Exalted Orbs – because he seems to be worth anything.
Price Bitcoin has surpassed the magic barrier of $ 3k today, it’s a record, maybe someday, and the Exalted Orbs will be worth it?

Exalted Orbs is the best Orbs?


Exalted Orb reminds me $ 100
I often wonder which of the all Orbs are my favorites, and the list of orbs is very long – here is a full list of all the Orbs in the Path of Exile. Writing them all and gathering in one place took me a long time and cost me a lot of attention.
Mirror of Calandra
– Vaal Orb
– Orb of Alchemy
– Exalted Orb
– Chaos orb
– Orb Divine
– Orb Orb of Fusing
– Gemcutter’s Prism
– Regal Orb
– Orb of Regret
– Blessed Orb
– Orb of Scouring
– Orb of Alternation
– Cartogapher’s Chisel
– Orb of Chance
– Jeweler’s Orb
– Chromatic Orb
It is impossible to hide that special attention is deserved Mirror of Calandra, Exalted Orb and Chaos Orb. It is important to remember that Exalted Orbs only buy a few pieces at a time

What affects the attractiveness of the currency are the orbs?


Orbs are currencies based on currencies similar to what you have. You can also buy and exchange for real money, their popularity has an impact on the price. The good thing about the creators of Path of Exile was the release of a new Fall of Oriath add-on – thanks to its size and development of work and the POE one of the most “customizable” MMOs of all time. The add-on will include up to 24 new bosses, an additional act and the ability to move all five acts again (Locations will be visually modified). The appearance of the site will be influenced by our previous actions. Then also the price of orbs will jump upward, again fashionable will be exalted orbs, chaos orbs, orbs of fusing or chromated orbs. It is important to realize that the attractiveness of the game has a significant effect on the price of the orb. If there was no one to sell, the prices would be dramatically low – if the buyers were more than the goods – The prices would then be dramatically high. Equality Freedom Tolerance shouted to the left, ordered a new price independent of the market price.

Sell ​​as soon as possible, the price will drop

I used portals such as poe (dot) trade or playerauctions to determine the price of the Orb. At the moment, however, I use the Odealo portal, maybe there are no more offers for orbs, but the site itself is more readable and userfriendly. Prices of Orbs are always down, it will take until the Path to Exile is published (all PoE players are waiting for it), so it is not worth getting used to the price of orbs that are out now, because after the holiday their price can lead Us to headache. The next post that will be published will be charged with prices after the previous add-ons – if any of you have data on the number of active users in PoE, please contact me. I would gladly put together the price of orbs after adding a supplement, along with the tendency to boom among the players. Then with any probability we will be able to determine the market price to buy PoE orbs


Welcome to my page about Path of Exile. It took me a long time to get started writing this blog, although I have been trying since the 20th of April.
Here I will be discussing topics related to the Path of Exile and keeping up the current price table of particular orbs. Of course there are the prices of such orb such as Exalted, Chaos, Fusing, and many others.
I have the hope that you will enjoy the content here. I invite you to comment and contribute to the content.giełda

Orbs are the currency

In most games, the trade is made by selling gold, or gold coins. In PoE none of them is a currency, so when you search in the Internet stores click on “ITEMS” not in “CURRENCY”. Orbs in the Path of Exile are also of practical importance because you can use them to improve your items